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Coin Farmland is a defi yield farm aggregator. We currently collect APR/APY and liquidity data for most BSC (Binance Smart Chain) farms, with more chains to come soon, including Ethereum, Huobi, Fantom, Polygon and many more.

We list new projects indiscriminately, and highly recommend doing a background research on rugdoc.io first before investing. We do not provide financial advice, but merely a tool for users to compare the different yields for each project.

We are hard at work on bringing more projects and data to our platform, so if you would like to support us with donations, that would greatly appreciated 🙂

Nano: nano_1nua1e7eqqn4frsqtep3ct615c6psifmopsuiisee971wuemy18qg7q4u3ih

BTC: 15UKzXm9wzVLVSn3Do5UnGg7QHizamPc6c

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